Renier Janse van Vuuren
HOD Systems Architecture

Mission-Critical Service: FIO Systems Architecture offers both internal and consulting services, focusing on designing, developing, and deploying Enterprise Information Systems (EIS).

What is EIS?
An Enterprise Information System (EIS) is your Information Supply Chain, fully integrated with inward-facing enterprise applications such as CRM, HR, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Operations among other systems.

Why FIO Enterprise Systems?

  • Perfectly Tailor-Made: Built to spec to fit unique business workflows
  • Seamless Integration: Provides the highest level of:
    • Data provenance
    • Traceability
    • Data integrity


Benefits of FIO's
No-Code Cloud Solution:

  • Fully business-aligned, integrated, and streamlined systems
  • 10x faster time to market with only 20% of the total cost of ownership and 100% uptime
  • Comprehensive, multi-tenant systems operational in weeks
  • Rapid post-deployment changes & updates
  • Visual presentation of all application logic & flows
  • Risk mitigation for business continuity by ensuring:
    • Contained application development architecture
    • Transparent, clear, and visual logic representation
    • Simple flow design interface and environment
    • ISO 27001 compliant security
      Extensive support

By leveraging FIO’s No-Code Cloud solutions, businesses can achieve a fully integrated, customizable, and rapidly deployable Enterprise Information System, ensuring agility and alignment with dynamic business environments.

our services

Information Screening & Targeting: Needed information, perfectly timed, delivered at the place of consumption

Decision Support: On all levels; checks, verifications, and instructions

Workflow Optimization: Guidance, optimization, and automation

Immediate Reactions: To deviations and anomalies

Traceability & Compliance: Ingrained

Departmental Integration & Communication

Master Data: Single source, no duplication

Cross-Departmental Communication

Baseline for Data-Driven Decisions

Performance Tracking & Knowledge Base

Real-Time Data & Event Tracking: Dashboarding

API Development and Support: Integrating with other software platforms and databases

Web Service Design: Expose and consume API’s

Cloud Integration: Cloud-agnostic repositories, data pools setups, integration, and management

Operational Data Integration: Stock movement, workflow checkpoints, process confirmations, go/no-go triggers

Device Integration: Scanners, printers, SBC nodes

Machine Parameter Extraction and Logging: Process monitoring & knowledge base


Renier Janse Van Vuuren

FIO Enterprise Architect, B.Eng Honors in Mechanical Engineering, MBA (Operations Management), ECSA Member (Pr.Eng)

Michael Moore

Systems Developer

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